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THEO BAT x OKAY BRAVO celebrates life!
Our director, Theo Bat, has been involved in creating the brand identity, OKAY BRAVO, in collaboration with the Danish Cancer Society (Kræftens Bekæmpelse). He was tasked with creating a film with content that encourages people to reflect on life and enjoy existence! To see the campaign click on ↓
Visit from Hollywood!
Director Sam Washington has directed a campaign for Club Coramino, featuring comedian and actor Kevin Hart. He is the face of the campaign and the founder of the new tequila brand. The campaign debuted just before Labor Day to celebrate Club Coramino's slogan, "Hard work tastes different." To see the campaign click on ↓
Winner of Young Director Award!
We are thrilled to share that our campaign for stoop.nu, "Words Leaves Traces" in collaboration with Müller Thomassen, has won the prestigious Young Director Award in the category of Online Branded Film!
Congratulation to our director Gaute Hesthagen for breaking a world record!
Gaute Hesthagen directed a film which broke a world record and got into the Guinness World Records! Stay tuned if you're interested to watch the film! Click on "Read More" for Behind The Scenes.
Our directors Theo Bat Schandorff & Jakob Havmøller have put their hearts and souls into this anti-bullying campaign for Stoop.nu.
More curious? Read more about the project on BureauBiz down below.
Emil Dam Seidel on BureauBiz.
Silver Screen in Cannes for the Red Cross campaign - Courage To Act.
Congratulations to Emil Dam Seidel that has won a Silver Screen at Young Directors Award!
Our director Emil Dam Seidel won a Silver Screen in the category Online Branded Film with the film series Courage To Act for Red Cross in collaboration with the agency Advance.
Stoop.Nu on BureauBiz
Jesper Skoubølling for MaryFonden on Shots
Stoop.Nu - Scars for Life
Mary Fonden by Jesper Skoubølling
Laurits and Michael Bay at the Premiere of Ambulance remake
Laurits goes to Hollywood!
Laurits Munch-Petersen goes to Hollywood to meet Michael Bay and Jake Gyllenhaal when their remake of Laurits’ debut film AMBULANCE opens in cinemas world wide on April 8th.
SHE Winner of the Best Experimental Film at the SIFF 2022
Emil won the award for Best Experimental Film at the Swedish International Film Festival and was nominated for Best Experimental Film at the Around Films International Film Festival: Barcelona – And his work has already been selected for competition at numerous other festivals!
Welcome Theo Bat Schandorff !
Green Force - by Charley Stadler
Heap Campaign by Jesper Skoubølling
Enjoy the "Exclusive" Future... and the "Other" future.
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I just love simple and dry humour, so when The Unicorn agency presented this Heap concept for a series of film to me, I loved it instantly!!!

First, we needed to cast a guy, who we called, “Future Genie” in our script. Someone who had some charm and charisma.

I always like to attend casting to get a closer feeling and we casted some good and professional actors.

But then along came Bennet… Walking through the door and presenting himself already in character. Note his fine funny details in his moves and his expressions.

We also wanted an exclusive location where we could shoot all film and especially a nice pool area.

So because our shooting dates was during lockdown period, we were so lucky to have the beautiful Kokkedal Castle all to ourselves."

Absolution by Duncan Christie awarded at the Norwich Festival
Norfolk. England. Eve, a young nun, leaves her convent for the day to collect Luca from prison. They attempt to re-piece their relationship following a traumatic incident in their past that still haunts both of them.
Norsk Betting - Gaute Hesthagen
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"I received this board as a single bid from POL, one of the best and most award-winning agencies in Norway.The great thing about working with great creatives is that they trust their choice of director, and then let me captain the ship throughout the project."

Ambulance - Remake
Einhell by Charley Stadler
Invictus Games by Spooner
« My hope, with this film, is to spread a better understanding about the situation of PTSD-affected veterans and their relatives, and perhaps even break down some of the prejudices that the outside world may have. »
Toyota - by Tomas Villum Jensen
"Tillykke" Anne-Marie and Viktor for the Gold Medal !
Check out our campaign for Made in Denmark with all our athletes and fans !
Because Summer is not over yet...
On your Radar
Charley Stadler on Your Radar for Shots
Why Not Copenhagen ?
Check out Bureau Biz Article about our latest campaign for Visit Copenhagen ...
Check out the new edition of the film magazine EKKO. There's an in-depth article about the weird travel of Laurits Munch Petersen debut "Ambulance" now being remake by Michael Bay and Jake Gyllenhaal in Hollywood.
Kom Så Danmark !
Perfect match for tonight´s game : Steff Houlberg - Pølse I Pausen from Spooner! Are you ready ?
Summer Release
Our Summer Release Newsletter with Liv Colliander, Jesper Skoubølling, Gaute Hesthagen and Charley Stadler´s spots ! If you want to hear more from us...
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You dreamt about it...
And Jesper Skoubølling did it ! Last campaign for Knuthenborg Safari Park.
Welcome Liv Colliander !
Happy International Women´s Right Day ! A perfect opportunity to introduce our New Director : Liv Colliander for Femina.
Something to look forward to
Guess we could all use a mood-booster. This film shows how it’s all gonna look when Copenhagen will once again bubble with life and smiles of people coming to take part in all the events happening in our beautiful city. Something to look forward to...
Good news!
What a better way to start the week than with good news from Laurits Munch-Petersen?
Campaign for BankNordik Danmark
Last campaign for BankNordik Danmark from our dear Laurits Munch-Petersen on Bureaubiz. Huge thanks to Isobar Danmark for letting us being a part of the project!
Can Jesper predict the future?
Watch his beautiful, stylish, and poetic short film Cliché by our director Jesper Skoubølling. And judge for yourself...
Charley Stadler on shots
Our favorite cover boy Charley Stadler on shots.net for his latest short film Versus.
We are proud to announce that we won the Graphite Pencil in Art Direction in D&AD for Martin Furze' Voiceless Women spot. We would like to thank NEW LIVES for giving us the opportunity to highlight such an important matter. And all the team for their hard work!
Voiceless Women won a Clio Health GOLD & SILVER.
Once more Voiceless Women and New lives are in the spotlight supporting the cause fighting human trafficking. We are beyond thankful and honored for this prestigious award.
We are hungry! Are you?
We are very happy with this new project from our talented director trio +++.
Scratching on
We are scratching on and what a job our team have done on this project for #VW. Check out Jesper Skoubølling's cut: An amazing result of hard work with good people. We are always looking for strong talents to work with us on projects like this!
AND this years Grand Prix!!!
We are so happy and grateful. What a great honor. Now we are gonna celebrate with the entire team and our fantastic client New Lives!
Jesper Skoubølling’s nice’n’sweaty shoot with Envision for LOOP Fitness.
EKKO award
Laurits Munch Petersen and Creative Director Janus Jauch from Sunrise A/S just won the EKKO award for best script for the Children Cancer Society film “Welcome Home”.
WOLT worldwide
Our director trio the +++ boys, are shooting with Unknown Cph for WOLT worldwide.
Latest work from Spooner together with Greyworks for Velux.
Doctors Without Borders
We are honored to contribute by producing this film in collaboration with the agency The Unicorn for the Danish branch of Doctors Without Borders.
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